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Walk On! Kids Cooking Challenge to start accepting submissions + MORE

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act set new nutrition standards such as access to local foods, more fresh vegetables and fruits, and low-fat dairy products that schools must follow to be a part of the Agriculture Department's school lunch program. School districts and their food service offices responded …

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"No child will be turned away, and we do not serve anyone a lesser lunch — none of the cheese sandwiches you hear about," said Chris Bomburger, the district's director of child nutrition. "And, while we make every attempt to work with local families for everyone to pay something, some of our families …

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Values kids can learn from sports


Values kids can learn from sports … The kids underwent a series of football clinics led by the coaches of FCB Escola, were taught the theoretical foundations of playing the Barca way, and … Help them reach their full potential on and off the court with proper nutrition, exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

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Global Baby Food Market: Baby food is a soft or easily consumable food specifically made for infants to toddlers. These foods are fed to the children aging between four months to two years. Baby food is considered as a substitute for breast milk. Manufactures design the baby foods to fulfill the nutritional …

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“Every year of the Walk On! Kids Cooking Challenge, we are so amazed with the sophisticated palates participants have demonstrated – from quinoa and avocado to mango, beets and zucchini, the participants always impress us with their use of nutrition-rich ingredients,” Myrna Collins, health promotion …

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