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School Lunch: Food Waste or Clean Plates? + MORE

It's getting tougher for kids to get soft drinks at the fast-food joint. … Sugary soft drinks are a top source of calories in children's diets and can contribute …

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During lunch, kids are choosing more fruits, eating more vegetables, and … Several of the study's critics, including the School Nutrition Association …

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A new kind of food fight


Child nutrition professional Mary Ann Beilfuss puts together sandwiches on Thursday in preparation for Valparaiso High School lunch. (Kyle Telechan …

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After learning to read nutritional labels during a six-week nutritional … "Around that age, there's not a lot of nutrition information for children," said CHN …

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"It will help children eat better now, as soda is the leading source of calories in children's diets," says Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy for the …

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