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Mt. Lebanon charity gives $45000 to five childhood hunger organizations + MORE

In her book, “It's Not About the Broccoli,” Dina Rose talks about the danger of having a “nutrition mindset” when parents focus too intently on the nutrients or amount of sugar their kids consume daily, rather than looking at the long view of teaching their children to eat a variety of foods in moderation.

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“I try to make my home and my family an environment where my kids are learning about giving,” she said. For several years, Bernstein funded and helped implement healthy eating and nutrition programs at her children's Orthodox day school. “I don't know about Reform and Conservative schools,” she …

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DARIEN, IL — If one of your New Year's resolutions was to give more, the Darien Rotary Club has a great way to start. The Rotary Club's Food For Kids program helps provide extra nutrition for local elementary school students who are part of a food-insecure household by buying food, packing it, and …

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All of the money Giving2Grow grants to organizations is used to alleviate childhood hunger and improve childhood nutrition. Ngozi Tibbs, co-founder of the Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle, said Giving2Grow's grants the last three years have been vital to her organization's ability to survive…

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A Mars a day is definitely not OK


QUEENSLAND top doctors are getting tough on unhealthy snacking saying Australian kids should follow guidelines of two snacks a day at 100 calories each – cancelling out Mars Bars at 230 calories or a bag of chips at 160 calories. The Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) chief said ….

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