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Local kid chefs wanted to compete in healthy kids cooking contest + MORE

Under the Obama administration, school meals really improved. Less fat, sugar and salt. Smaller portion sizes. More fruits and vegetables. The initiative under former US First Lady, Michelle Obama, aimed to fight child obesity, was reportedly wildly successful to bring nutrition back to school lunch trays.

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She and her grandsons access free meals at community-based charities three nights a week, and student nutrition programs are among the critical supports they rely on. For many, breakfasts and snack programs at school are a vital source of nutrition and community building with other kids in their …

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“I love that the contest provides a great platform for parents to impress upon kids that nutritious food can also be great tasting,” Collins said. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is a non-for-profit company that is committed to helping Arizonans get healthier faster, and offers health insurance and related …

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According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, the average UK adult consumes 17 teaspoons of sugar a day. The recommended limit is six teaspoons. Just one can of Coca-Cola contains 7 teaspoons. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to a range of conditions such as fatty liver disease, tooth …

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Bustin' a move


Wallace said it's important to teach children about nutrition and fitness at the K-2 level because at this stage, children are learning things they won't forget, whether that learning involves math or reading or is simply about not blurting out while others are talking. “Fitness is the same way,” Wallace said.

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