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Healthy Eating for Kids — The Latest Great Blog Posts

Healthy Eating for Kids — The Latest Great Blog Posts

Eating well is the best way to prevent illness and have happy, healthy kids. Here are some great blogs posts collected from around the web that can give you great tips and motivation when it comes to healthy eating for kids. – For kids with autism, food can be a fight
Healthy eating also offers important opportunities for children to socialize during meals. Emerging evidence suggests the feeding problems and dietary patterns associated with autism may place this population at risk for …

App Game for Kids Encourages Healthy Eating
Similar to how parents hide vegetables in pasta to get kids to eat greens, finding a way to teach kids to make healthy choices might take some creativity.

5 snacks your kids will love {they’re healthy too!} | IdealShape
Probably the most important part of living a health life is eating a healthy, well balanced diet. Sometimes that can be difficult to incorporate into the lives of children because kids don’t seem to always love the healthiest foods.

Healthier Foods Coming To Schools – Indiana Public Media
Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the USDA is hoping to provide more healthy eating choices for kids. Because a large portion of the nation’s children get more than half of their calories at school, the …

Teaching Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits
Child obesity has become truly a grave problem nowadays. Never before have there been more overweight children and that seems, naturally, to trouble their.

Grants promote healthy eating in kids | Wellington Times
Western area primary schools are being offered grant funds to make drinking water and eating fruit and vegies a normal part of every student’s school day.

Eat for Kids 2013 – now through Feb. 8th! | Bareburger
Eat for Kids 2013 – now through Feb. 8th! By Adelle Pelekanos – On 28 Jan, 2013 – 0 comments. Promoting healthy eating is an important part of our mission at Bareburger … so when we were asked to support healthy eating …

Skip the candy kisses! Healthy, kid-friendly Valentine’s Day treats
Since popcorn is a whole-grain food packed with healthy fiber, as long as serving sizes aren’t too big and add-ins are relatively limited, you and your kids can feel good about this recipe provided by Real California Milk.

Gluten-Free for Children With Sensitivities, and Without – NYTimes …
Ms. Graf did raise one warning flag when it comes to children and a gluten-free diet. Teenagers (perhaps influenced by celebrities like Lady Gaga) might announce a decision to go gluten-free for health or weight loss, but the …

Think fast when kids want fast food – Harvard Health Publications
An army of nutrition experts is constantly reminding us that most fast food is bad for health. But they’re not around to back you up when your children or grandchildren unleash powerful weapons of cuteness to convince you to …

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