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Canton Farmers Market promotes healthy kids program + MORE

Back on @Town102 Breakfast Ben Coomber talking what parents could be doing to ensure a healthier diet for their child.

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It features cooking with Chef Paul, a fitness activity and interactive nutrition … “I think it's good to start young and get kids exposed to the things they can do to …

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At least on the weekends, “our” kids have basic nutrition. But the summer break is problematic. We have no distribution system but that's where Nancy Lucy …

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Teach kids to snack smart


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stresses that planned snacking — not mindless grazing in front of the television — is the way to meet your child's …

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It's a fun way to get kids to snack on fruits and vegetables. … This medical center has a whole program designated to pediatric nutrition, failure to thrive and picky …

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