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Kids' Wellness Tracker iPhone and iPad medical app review + MORE

FARGO – Dr. Aaron Jost, a Sanford Health pediatrician, says he talks with moms every day about whether it's better to stay home with their children when they're young to avoid picking up a plethora of illnesses at day care or to expose them to sickness …See all stories on this topic »

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Immunizations up in Page County


Livengood says adults should also make sure they're getting immunized to prevent spreading sickness like pertussis to younger children. Very small children don't get immunizations to Pertussis until they are two months old, and it's a series, so they …See all stories on this topic »KMAland

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The Kids Wellness Tracker app provides a means to document and monitor your child's health and their…/kids-wellness-tracker-app-child-sic…

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I never really thought Georgia was going to die or anything, but as my husband wrote in his blog yesterday, he and I both know all too well that parents do have to bury their kids sometimes. Between them, his parents and mine had five children; now it …See all stories on this topic »My New Orleans (blog)

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