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Kids and motion sickness – The DIS Discussion Forums – + MORE

Kids and motion sickness Disney Cruise Line

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What's Going Around: Stomach bug


Spring break is over and that means your kids are back in close quarters with other kids. And this week a very contagious illness is going around that goes hand in hand with school being back in session. The stomach bug is sending many kids and parents …See all stories on this topic »

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She is now doing this to my children, and it's driving me nuts. She will tell me often how much my oldest son is like me and will be good at anything requiring concentration, and my younger son will be charming and a social butterfly — and she'll say …See all stories on this topic »

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A growing body of evidence suggests that all the antibacterial-wiping, germ- killing cleanliness of the developed world may actually be making us more prone to ……/FEAT

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