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As the weather changes one mom is begging people to stop doing this + MORE

Elgin, SC (WLTX) – A Christmas light show has been blighting up Elgin and the lives for children for many years now. Through helping others, this show is helping the man behind it all battle through an illness of his own. The ringing of bells, Christmas decorations, and lights are all signs of the holiday …

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Islander Girls Basketball Preview


“We haven't had a day yet when everyone has been there, due to sickness, kids starting late and so on. I have a lot of people who aren't deeply versed in the game of basketball. They have some athletic ability and we will have to get some ball handling, defense and scoring punch from the new players.

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We want our kids to be healthy. When a disease threatens our kids, we go into full momma bear mode. We wash their all their clothes, wash their sheets and Clorox wipe down every surface. We know that sickness not only makes grumpy kids, but it also can stunt their growth or cause complications later …

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Should you keep your kids off school or nursery if they're not well? "With my employer, it looks better if I'm called away than to not show up in the first place. But I'm feeling guilty and thinking I shouldn't have left him there in the first place, is it unfair on the staff?" Most of the replies said the mum should of …

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