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Fun Winter Activities for Kids – Great Blog Posts

Fun Winter Activities for Kids – Great Blog Posts

It can be hard to keep going in the winter! Here are some wonderful winter activities for kids from some of the best blogs I’ve found across the web.

7 Activities to keep your kids moving through winter | Always an Aggie:
7 Activities to keep your kids moving through winter. Cold weather and fewer daylight hours can make it difficult for kids to get the exercise they need during the winter months. In some areas, families also battle polluted air and …

10 Winter Activities to Keep Your Kids Happy | Wishing Well
February is a tough month when it comes to entertaining kids. The holidays are long gone and warmer weather, for most of us, is still several weeks away. Now that I’m on child number four, I’ve got a full arsenal of ways to …

Parenting – Winter Activities for kids
By Kurt Adams. Cold winter days are no picnic for kids or their parents! Beyond sledding and building a snowman, what fun winter activities can you think of? There is actually a lot to do inside and out, whether there is snow or …

Activities for Children to Explore Winter Outdoors
Glittering icicles and a snowman transform our front yard into a magical world. There is so much to explore in the winter! When the weather is cold and the.

In Lieu of Preschool: Winter Activities for Kids
Welcome to the first Tuesday Tots of 2013! Come see lots of great winter activities for kids, and link up your own posts for kids 5 and under for a chance to be featured next week!

Winter Activities for Kids
We love to spend time together as a family and we especially enjoy being together outside. Once the temperature starts to drop its harder to get outside during the winter months. Have you found yourself inside more as well? I’ve rounded up …

Wine and Glue: 39 {AWESOME} Winter Activities for Kids
39 {AWESOME} Winter Activities for Kids. It’s cold here today. Like so cold that there are 700 pictures of thermometers in my Facebook feed. So cold that I want to cry a little bit. Cabin fever. It’s definition includes the words …

Kid-friendly Activities for the Winter Months | Dayton Children’s Blog
Exercise is important no matter what time of year. Keep your kids moving for 60 minutes per day during the winter months.

Cure the Winter Blahs: Snow-Themed Activities for Kids | Apartment …
January in Minnesota is the worst of the worst of winter. Sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, and stir crazy kids and parents all over the place! I’m beginning to gather a list of winter-themed ideas to keep us occupied on those …

Winter Activities for Kids | Planet Fassa
10 Winter activities for your children from

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